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Unrack Trail


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Unrack Trail

This item: Unrack Trail


Compack 6 100 % Waterproof Tail Bag

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Compack 15 100 % Waterproof Tail Bag

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Light in weight, packed with convenience! The Unrack Trail is  the compact yet robust solution designed for trail and enduro riders who demand versatility and durability. Built as a smaller version of our acclaimed rackless system, Unrack Trail offers a streamlined approach to carrying your trail essentials. Whether you’re navigating tight singletracks or conquering rugged terrain, Unrack Trail ensures your gear stays secure and accessible throughout your ride.


Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit a wide range of motorcycles, Unrack Trail is compatible with bikes where traditional saddle stays are not feasible, providing a universal solution for riders of all makes and models.

Waterproof Inner Bags: Equipped with waterproof inner bags, Unrack Trail offers reliable protection against rain, mud, and other elements, keeping your gear dry and secure in any weather conditions.

Easy Mounting and Dismounting: With a hassle-free installation process, Unrack Trail allows for quick and effortless attachment to your motorcycle. When it’s time to dismount, simply unclip and remove the bags from the harness.

Lightweight Design: Weighing less than traditional saddlebag setups, Unrack Trail minimises added weight on your bike, ensuring agility and manoeuvrability on even the most challenging trails.

Compact Size: The compact dimensions of Unrack Trail make it perfect for trail and enduro riding, offering ample storage capacity without sacrificing agility or off-road performance.

Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, Unrack Trail is built to withstand the rigours of off-road riding, providing long-lasting durability and reliability on every adventure.

Versatile Usage: In addition to motorcycle mounting, Unrack Trail’s inner bags can be easily converted into sling bags using tuck-away straps, offering versatile carrying options both on and off the bike.Perfect for Trail and Enduro Riding: Tailored for the demands of trail and enduro riding, Unrack Trail is the ultimate companion for riders seeking a compact, lightweight, and durable solution for carrying their trail essentials.

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